For Your Consideration
Outstanding Actor In A
Short Form Comedy Or Drama Series
Corey Hawkins
Starring | Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins
Executive Producers | Michael Sammaciccia, Barry Barclay,
Van Toffler and Floris Bauer
Producers | Cary Granat and Ed Jones
Director | Mark Pellington
Writers | Richard Abate and Jeremy Ungar
Distributor | Quibi
Episode 1
Welcome to Life House
Episode 2
A Handful of Oblivion
Episode 3
Please Remain Seated
Episode 4
Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines
Episode 5
You Can Die Here Alone
Episode 6
Don’t Look Down
Episode 7
I Can’t Hear You
Episode 8
The Weight
Episode 9
Exit Strategy
Episode 10
What Does This Say About Us?
Episode 11
A Hundred Echoes
Episode 12
Where Memories Live
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